To become a member of and investor in the Ley Hill Community Pub Limted (LHCPL).  Please complete this application form in its entirety, if you are considering buying shares it is important you read the whole share offer document.  You are not purchasing shares at this time.

Applications are for individuals only. Applications from groups, societies, organisations, companies or couples etc. will be rejected.


Q: What happens if a member/shareholder dies?

A: The member can deliver a nomination form to the CBS directing the Society to transfer the shares to another person on the death of the member.  If no nomination form is in place then the shares form part of the deceased members estate and the Personal Representatives can apply to the Society for repayment to distribute accordingly.

Q: Can the shares be held jointly – e.g. by husband and wife?

A: No. In accordance with the Rules, the member has to be an individual.

Q: Can shares be given to children?

A:  No.  Our rules state that members have to be over 18 therefore children cannot be members of the CBS.

Application Form

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